Electric Bed Lifts

Castle Bunk

The Convenience
Our product maximizes existing vertical space, providing room for additional storage or sleeping areas.

It can easily be operated by one person. Simply press the switch to raise or lower the bed to any desired height.  There are no components to manipulate, lock into place, set up, or store.

The Flexibility
We offer bed lifts to fit any application:  Fish Houses, RVs, Enclosed Trailers, Van Conversions, and Tiny Houses.

We can provide DIY kits all the way to fully installed bed lifts.

The Process
We custom build a bed to fit your application.  Using this process, we can design a solution to work specifically for your layout and stud pattern.  We do not need to strip down your walls and add studs.

Crooked walls?  House not built square?  Not a problem, we can accommodate almost any issue.

Select your bed style below for details and pricing.

Walkthrough video of HGTV show's contractor and production van: