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How much does it cost to install an Electric Bed Lift?

There are no hidden charges!  All base pricing and options are listed on our website.

Base Pricing:

  • 30″ Slide-Out – $1499 installed.
  • 44″ Castle Bunk – $1799 installed.
  • 48″ Castle Bunk – $1849 installed.
  • 54″ (Full) Castle Bunk – $1899 installed.
  • 60″ (Queen) Castle Bunk – $1949 installed.
  • 76″ (King) Castle Bunk – $2,049 installed.

***Aluminum Framed Houses (Yetti, Firebrand, Etc) subject to additional fees.***

Options/Other Charges:

  • 110V Porch Lights:  These lights are often located in the way of the bed raising all the way to the ceiling in Ice Castles.  We can remove/relocate each one for $99 and replace the tongue and groove.  We can also leave the junction box in place and install a blank cover plate at no charge.
  • Spray Foam Walls:  Since we do run electrical through your walls, it takes quite a bit more effort to do that if your walls are spray foamed.  We charge an additional $49 for this.
  • Battery Location:  We run dedicated wires to your house battery to power the bed.  Most houses have the battery in the back allowing easy access.  If your battery is not located in the back of the house, we have two options:
    1. Run wire through the house to reach the existing battery – Contact us to discuss this option, as it is very hard to cover all the layouts offered.
    2. We offer an integrated battery and charger setup located inside the bed platform itself.  All you will need to do is occasionally plug the charger into a 110v outlet to recharge the battery.  This option is $99.
  • Underbunk LED Lighting:  Some customers do not realize that adding a wider bed that raises all the way to the ceiling will now cover some of your ceiling lighting, making the house darker in the rear.  We can install a light underneath the bed to compensate for this for $69.
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