Temperature Sensor Relocation Kit for Furrion® Chill A/C Units


Problem:  Inaccurate temperature readings, over-cycling furnace, unable to maintain desired temperatures.

Cause:  The temperature sensor for these units is not located in the wall thermostat itself, it is located inside the A/C housing on the ceiling. In the summer, this location reads the cool air that the A/C is blowing rather than the warmer, ambient room temperature. In the winter, this location reads the cool air that is leaking in from the outside which causes the furnace to run excessively.

Solution:  Our plug and play kit will allow you to remotely mount the temperature sensor down on the wall, where it will read your temperature accurately.



  • 10′ Plug and Play Extension Kit
  • Wall Cover and Mounting Screws Included  (Optional Use)
  • For Furrion® Chill A/C Units
  • No modifications to existing system required.  No cutting or splicing.  Kit can be removed and the system returned to OEM condition at any time.
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